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44.900 Ft (35.354 Ft + ÁFA)
Kapható választék:


Although the Sand 4 gloves have been designed to create a perfect match with the Sand 4 H2O outfit, these gloves are bound to become the go-to gloves for a large audience of adventure riders across the globe.

This pair of hand protection has been specifically designed and engineered for summer use, providing optimal grip, breathability, and ventilation. To make sure your hands stay cool and dry during hot summer rides, the gloves are constructed of strong and abrasion-resistant mesh stretch fabrics combined with a high-tech TPR knuckle protector that is designed to direct the airflow into the glove and onto the hands of the rider. Multiple perforation holes on the outside and inside increase the breathability even more.

For additional protection, we added TPR protectors on the fingers and thumbs; providing a high level of protection without compromising comfort or flexibility. A TPR palm slider ensures a controlled slide in case of an unfortunate mishap.

The gloves can easily be put on thanks to the handy pull tab on the cuff and then secured with the hook-and-loop wrist strap. Adjusting your route during your journey is a breeze thanks to the integrated Connect Finger Tip which makes it possible to control your touchscreen device while leaving your gloves on. Enjoy the summer breeze with the Sand 4 gloves.


Anyaga: Textil és bőr
Kivitel: Unisex