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39.900 Ft (31.417 Ft + ÁFA)
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The Metis 2 gloves are a smart, affordable alternative to a full race-spec glove, made to wear every day – whether you’re out on urban rides or chasing lap times on track. Beneath aerodynamic looks and bold graphics, Metis 2’s challenge-ready construction blends four different leathers with four synthetic textiles to deliver track-ready performance, protection, and comfort.

Protection in the palm of your hands
All vital contact points in these gloves are goatskin leather – drum-dyed, tanned, and coated to make the palm of the Metis 2 durable, water-repellent, and abrasion-resistant, without altering how the leather feels, breathes, or grips. Meaning your dexterity and lever control remain second to none, and on those up-close encounters with the track, a TPU hard-shell palm slider is there to significantly reduce the risk of injury.

From fingertip to cuff
The Metis 2’s full coverage gauntlet design eliminates skin exposure at the cuffs and is double secured by hook-and-loop straps. TPU hard-shell inserts serve to shield your knuckles, while Temperfoam® along the fingers offers impact protection, without restricting movement. Plus, touchscreen-compatible pads on the palms and at the fingertips mean you can still stay connected – an innovation that could potentially save your life – or at least save your hide when you find you’re running late.


Anyaga: Bőr
Kivitel: Unisex