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Interphone BT Splitter 35 bluetooth adapter

Katt rá a felnagyításhoz
14.500 Ft
11.900 Ft (9.370 Ft + ÁFA)
Kedvezmény: 2.600 Ft
Kedvezmény: 18%
Gyártó: Interphone


INTERPHONE BTSPITTER is a Bluetooth ® stereo transmitter that allows you to wirelessly send ® stereo receiver the music from your player , PC or other devices on your Bluetooth.

INTERPHONE BTSPITTER is the ideal product for sharing music between driver and passenger over INTERPHoNEF4 or INTERPHoNEF5 .

INTERPHONE BTSPITTER has a built in battery and, after a complete charging cycle around 9 hours will be used.


  • Bluetooth ® stereo transmitter     
  • Bluetooth ® v. 2.0, Class II, 10 meters     
  • Bluetooth ® stereo A2DP profile     
  • Operating frequency 2.4 Ghz     
  • High quality stereo IC     
  • Noise and Interference Suppression    
  • Can be connected to any audio source with 3.5 mm jack can be connected ( Smartphone , MP3, iPod , Audio PC, tablet )     
  • transmits stereo sound on a Bluetooth ® connection A2DP -equipped devices     
  • Built-in Lithium Battery     
  • USB charging cable     
  • Battery life: approximately 9 hours in transmit mode     


  • L 45 x W 33 x H 7 mm     
  • Cable length: 9.5 cm (including connector )     

Weight: 14 g compatibility:     

  • Compatible with all Bluetooth ® devices with a 3.5 mm input